About Us


Friendly Trustworthy Knowledgeable Approachable

Kane Communications has a strong emphasis on finding the right engineering solutions. Our team typically started their careers as Technical Consultants or Engineers and progressed to senior roles in large telecoms companies. Some have worked not only at senior level but also internationally covering territories as wide as the Middle East and Africa.


Our Ethos: Building Relationships

The wealth of experience working for large companies gave us the ethos of valuing long term relationships, not chasing short term sales. We pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems and provide the best engineering solutions for each client. BY working together as a team we can achieve the best possible results for you and your business.


Solutions for smaller & larger businesses

Our reputation for being honest and transparent is valued not only by larger businesses but smaller ones too. We regularly provide solutions to small businesses which are often delighted to receive a premium service usually reserved for large corporates.