Business Mobile Phones

Multiple options and a variety of packages

Providing multiple options and many different packages across various networks, Kane can provide you with business mobile phones to suit your needs.

  • Business SIM only deals.
  • Business Phone and SIM bundles.
  • Unlimited minutes and texts packages.
  • Varying data packages for the different phones in your organisation.
  • Shared options data across all phones in your organisation.

On top of this, we’re able to provide data and reports on phone usage and add bundles for overseas travel at the click of a button.

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Kane Communications are leading providers of business mobile phones.

Business Mobile Phones

What Our Clients Say...

“The garage was missing calls and people weren’t leaving messages or calling back. Kane took time to assess the problem carefully and find a solution. They didn’t try to hard sell us. They provided us with a network of phones that were both portable and static ensuring that we never missed a call. They even installed a bell in the MOT Bay as a safety net in case no-one was in the office. Kane were fantastic. They were so professional – I would recommend them all day long, they’ve been brilliant for us.”

Laila Mason, Owner, Masons MOT & Servicing