Choosing the Right UCaaS Provider

Choosing the Right UCaaS Provider

With advances in communications technology, more and more businesses are adopting  Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) systems to handle their communications needs. As UCaaS becomes more popular, we have seen a significant change amongst vendors. New companies are appearing, existing companies have merged with each other to deliver more comprehensive packages and other vendors are looking for ways to stand out in a crowded market.

Complete Communications Packages

One way in which companies are developing is by offering more complete communications packages which are being sold as Communication Platforms as a Service, or CPaaS. CPaaS brings more flexibility to the UCaaS world by integrating communication tools into existing communications applications and processes. This opens up a number of possibilities, such as integrating CRM data with chat conversations, to give businesses a way to enhance and personalise their communications strategy.

We expect to see more leading UCaaS vendors integrate more API-focussed solutions into their systems and develop CPaaS strategies that work alongside their existing UCaaS services. While this continues, we will see more incorporation of things such as:

  • Integrated contact centre capabilities
  • Integration of collaboration tools to ensure consistent conversations
  • More integrations with CRM services and consumer data to boost context in the workplace
  • Machine learning and AI to optimise team performance and improve first-time resolution
  • Intelligent edge routing to improve communication reliability
  • SD-WAN integrations to enable more affordable Internet service within the UCaaS environment

The UCaaS offering is becoming increasingly larger and vendors are adding a variety of exciting new features into their UCaaS systems.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

We expect that the adoption of UCaaS will continue to develop rapidly. UCaaS providers are the companies responsible for continuing to develop their systems that bridge the gap between end-users and vendors and ensure that UCaaS technology continues to grow.

With growing trends in remote working, globalisation and mobility, and the versatility of the cloud, UCaaS gives companies the power to access all the tools they need with ease and ensure their teams have everything they need.

As this technology continues to develop, more and more service providers are joining the unified communications market to offer their versions of hosted telephony and communications packages. This means that there is more money to invest in development and more people working on ways to improve UCaaS services even more, but it also means that finding a provider that has the right features for your business, at the right price, becomes more difficult.

That’s where we come in. Kane has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes to design the best communications package to suit their individual needs. We pride ourselves on getting to know the individual needs of each and every business to ensure that we advise and deliver the best possible communications solution to help organisations fine-tune their communication practices, improve their customer experience and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

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