Hosted Telephony Systems

Cloud-based, virtual phone system

A Hosted Telephony System is a cloud-based, virtual phone system. Hosted telephony solutions deliver secure, reliable phone service for a business or organization through your Internet connection instead of a privately managed onsite phone system or server that you own and operate yourself. Some of the benefits of a hosted solution are:

  • Scalable – Easily scalable to grow with your business.
  • Continuity – Constantly upgraded and maintained without any interruption to your business. As opposed to onsite systems which can require downtime to upgrade.
  • Analytics – Provides reporting on call stats, chat and presence features, softphone, mobile integration.
  • Flexibility – Highly customisable to suit how your business operates.
  • Suits Business Needs – Opex model instead of Capex, making it easier to have access to Enterprise level technology without an initial large investment.
  • Always Open – Easily work from any location, if your office is closed or if there are adverse weather conditions your staff will be able to work from home without any interruption to the customer.

Hosted solutions provide a whole world of possibilities that were previously only open to large, enterprise-level organisations with deep pockets. Hosted allows you to provide your staff and customers with an enterprise quality level of interaction.

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Hosted solutions provide a whole world of possibilities that were previously only open to large, enterprise level organisations with deep pockets

Hosted Telephony Service - Porthlas Communications

What Our Clients Say...

“We’d come to the end of the cycle with our existing system. As the group of companies has now grown to five separate business our requirements were complex. Kane spent a lot of time with us before we even commissioned them. Other suppliers we talked to seemed to simply throw products at us whereas Kane took the time to think about the right solution. Very good – extremely professional.”

Douglas Haig, Managing Director, Clockwork Building & Maintenance, The Seraph Group