How VoIP Can Support Remote Working

Remote Working in Coffee Shop

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Thanks to the “Cloud Generation” we no longer need to be in the office to work collaboratively or provide a seamless service to customers. With cloud-based technology at our fingertips, we can access video conferencing, collaborative tools and the company’s database from anywhere in the world – all we need is a decent Internet connection (which is also becoming the norm).

Remote working comes with a host of benefits for both employers and employees; it is proven to increase productivity, it improves morale and happiness, it saves money on overheads, employees don’t have to relocate for their dream job and it gives companies the opportunity to attract talent from further afield.

One of the biggest benefits of remote working is that it improves availability and, in turn, customer experience. Customers don’t want to hear that someone is unavailable and sometimes leaving a message isn’t a suitable option. With remote working, staff can receive calls, access the information they need and provide a seamless customer interaction regardless of which office they are in or whether they are working from home or on a long commute to the next client meeting.

The ability for staff to work remotely is essential to stay on top of a competitive industry; having access to the top talent, no matter where they are based, and the ability to provide the very best customer experience will help you to build your reputation and make more sales.

It’s Not Just for the Big Players

Contrary to popular belief, small- and medium-sized businesses can compete in this environment. VoIP phone systems such as MiCloud Office and MiVoice Business make it possible for smaller organisations to have the same communications functionality as the big companies.

Some advantages that remote working can provide small to medium businesses include:

Connecting to Remote Workers
With a hosted contact centre,  calls can easily be routed to field sales personnel who can access all the information they need to answer customer questions via their mobile devices. Presence technology also allows staff to choose how they can be reached; voice, SMS, email etc – contact centre staff can see their availability and contact them in the most efficient way.
The Ability to be Everywhere
Small businesses and startups often provide services all around the country from one location. With remote working, and using a hosted telephony system, they can have staff based in different locations without forking out for extra office space. Everything they need can be accessed from home, rented office space or wherever the member of staff is working from that day.
Reliable and Affordable
With a hosted telephony system, businesses can have all the benefits of hardwired systems and more, without the need for investment in hardware and software. There is a huge variety of service plans that vary in price and features and not all employees need to be on the same plan; you can pick and choose which employees need which features and build a plan that really maximises your budget.

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