Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Support Services

Whether it’s setting up a new laptop or mobile phone, configuring WiFi for your office, installing CCTV, providing outsourced IT department services or setting up internet security – Kane’s fixed fee services will have the solution for you.

Become a Cyber Resilient Business


Our full range of IT services are designed to keep you and your business safe. From as little as £3.50 per day you can have your own IT department, taking care of preventative maintenance, cyber security, fixing technical issues, changing passwords and logins, managing your data backups, making sure your network keeps running fast and much more.

We’re 5 star rated on Google, with a customer first approach – always.


Remote Monitoring & Management

The tools to keep your business secure

Here’s how

  • Our Remote Monitoring and Management platform allows our tech team to monitor your estate via a dashboard that flags potential vulnerabilities or security concerns for example, sudden and unexplained increased memory utilisation or devices behind on Microsoft patching requirements
  • Automated suspicious activity reporting
  • Endpoint protection monitoring
  • Results can be integrated with your reporting platform

Risk Analytics

Anticipate, detect and instantly block threats. With the UK being the most cyber-attacked nation in Europe, you’ll need some of this.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Vulnerability scanning that identifies and analyses potential target areas for cyber criminals to take advantage of, we then mitigate those risks on your behalf
  • Our fully managed and comprehensive anti virus solution has had the industry’s best detection rate for the past 5 years
  • We’ll identify and address any Microsoft Windows updates necessary to stay ahead of ever evolving security vulnerabilities
  • Your laptop/server hard drive data will be fully encrypted rendering it useless to would be data thieves
  • Control over which applications you want to allow and what restrictions you want to place on downloading applications to user devices

Detection & Response

While we are committed to our plain English policy*, some of this section uses necessarily technical language.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call if a further explanation would be useful.

Services Included

  • Threat and anomaly detection – our software detects unusual activity or behaviour on a device or network. We identify and analyse these unusual events allowing us to proactively address any threat to your business
  • Incident detection, investigation & resolution
  • Root cause analysis – knowledge is power! Our RCA team carry out an in depth examination of any detected event to allow us to identify and address underlying causes (many of which can be non technical)
  • Manual Sandbox Investigation available upon request, this feature gives you the ability to drag a file you think may be suspicious into a ‘sandbox’ for a safe/unsafe decision.
  • We will use command shell technology to access remote machines to run commands or scripts necessary to secure that device


Incident response should be a last resort

As a Kane Cloud Client, you will be protected against the most sophisticated cyber attacks using market leading and independently tested technologies.   We’ll ensure that your business is truly cyber resilient and the challenge of maintaining that coveted position will be ours not yours.

*Why not request a copy of our industry Jargon Buster, just message

What Our Clients Say...

“The garage was missing calls and people weren’t leaving messages or calling back. Kane took time to assess the problem carefully and find a solution. They didn’t try to hard sell us. They provided us with a network of phones that were both portable and static ensuring that we never missed a call. They even installed a bell in the MOT Bay as a safety net in case no-one was in the office. Kane were fantastic. They were so professional – I would recommend them all day long, they’ve been brilliant for us.”

Laila Mason, Owner, Masons MOT & Servicing