Migrating to UCaaS

Migrating to UCaaS

We strongly believe that UCaaS is the future of all communications strategies. Its flexibility, scalability and feature-rich platforms can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes and, with new features becoming available regularly, will continue to grow, showing instant benefits to the user.

According to market leaders, UCaaS has grown by more than six times since 2016 and it’s not slowing down. It’s not just small companies that are benefiting from UCaaS either, larger companies are also beginning to see the power and savings of as-a-service systems and are moving away from their more traditional, in-house solutions.

For some, migrating to a Unified Communications System as-a-Service can be a daunting task, leaving them frightened to take the plunge. However, putting off migrating to UCaaS for too long could leave them falling behind their competitors and limit their growth.

Migrating to a UCaaS system doesn’t have to be difficult. Managed properly, it can be a smooth process with little to no downtime or disruptions.

Top Tips for a Smooth and Easy Transition into UCaaS

If you are planning on following thousands of companies into the cloud, here are some steps you can consider to ensure a smooth and easy transition:

Consider a Hybrid Strategy
One of the biggest mistakes made by larger companies is that they think the transition is an all-or-nothing process. By implementing a hybrid strategy, it is possible to keep some technology on-premise and move other solutions to the cloud. With the introduction of Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS), companies can build the capabilities they need into their existing technology. If you want to access the benefits of the cloud, but don’t want to worry about replacing your existing technology, a hybrid system could be the perfect solution.
Assess and Understand Your Environment
In any business transformation strategy, it’s crucial to assess your environment before you make any decisions. There are some things you need to be sure of before making the switch. Firstly, you need to be sure that you have the right bandwidth and systems in place to support the communication platform you want to build. When making this assessment, it’s important to consider your long term plans too; are you planning on growing? Can your network support additional users and features?
It’s well worth conducting a full audit of your communication environment and creating benchmarks that you can use to ensure you are maintaining an exceptional experience for your agents and customers. Use these benchmarks to perform regular tests, and update them as necessary.
Put Experience First
Use your experience to decipher how your agents and customers interact with each other. Think about your customers, but also think about your teams. Do your staff have the communication strategy they need to communicate with colleagues and remote workers to collaborate more efficiently? Think about how you are supporting the productivity and efficiency of your team members. UCaaS naturally supports the demand for a better experience because it brings together the tools your teams need together into the same environment.
However, to get the best out of your strategy, you’ll need to consider what your business needs to deliver the best experiences.
Proactively Monitor Performance and Quality
Finally, it’s extremely important to keep track of how well your communication strategies are running to ensure everything is operating properly and that you are getting the most out of your set up. Proactively monitoring the performance of everything from conference calls to conversations with customers will put you in a great position and give you insight into your complete communication strategy. This means that you can isolate and troubleshoot any issues before the user experience you are providing begins to falter.

Kane Communications

Kane has worked with a range of different suppliers to provide successful communications packages for a variety of different businesses. We pride ourselves on getting to know the individual needs of each and every business to ensure that we advise and deliver the best possible communications solution to help organisations fine-tune their communication practices, improve their customer experience and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

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