Mitel Used in Tottenham Hotspur’s New Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Mitel

When Tottenham Hotspur Football Club began building their new sports and entertainment centre they needed to incorporate new methods to improve their customer service capabilities and employee collaboration.

Tottenham Hotspur’s new cutting edge stadium takes modern architecture to a new level with steeply banked stands to keep fans as close to the action as possible to a stadium that can completely transform to fit the needs of a variety of sporting events, including NFL games that are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Even the acoustics and lighting were planned right down to the finest detail.

Of course, with such careful planning for every other aspect of the stadium, communication was also greatly considered. With this in mind, they turned to Mitel to find a solution that is capable of providing a consistent communications experience across a range of platforms and across a range of channels at the stadium and within the rest of the business. Mitel was asked to deliver a system that:

  • Provides a contact centre solution to support customer service functions for their fans.
  • Provides a secure solution for employees to communicate, collaborate and connect to from anywhere.
  • Provides a consistent, unified communications experience at the stadium and within the rest of the organisation.

The System Provided

Mitel dispatched a cloud-based telephony system that easily met the criteria provided by Tottenham Hotspurs. The solution:

  • Consolidates disparate technologies and incorporates advanced contact centre capabilities.
  • Is scalable and flexible for future strategies.
  • Uses one system across the whole organisation making training easy, maximising efficiency and improving workflows.

With the solution provided Tottenham Hotspur are able to boost employee productivity and enhance their entire customer experience.

How Cloud Communication Helps Businesses to Deliver Better Service

Cloud telephony solutions provide an abundance of benefits to businesses all over the world. Services and systems can be completely tailored to suit the exacting needs of any business. However, some of the most popular features include:

Unified Communication
Unified communication combines voice calls, emails, video calls, SMS, instant messaging and more into one unified interface. This enables a business to provide smooth and seamless customer support.
Speech Analysis
Speech analytics tools help the agent handling the call to better understand the flow of the conversation and steer it in the right direction.
Call Recording
Call recording allows managers and staff to listen back to conversations and assess what methods are working well and where there are improvements to be made.
Hyper personalisation tools use artificial intelligence and real-time data to deliver more relevant content, product and service data.

Kane and Mitel

Porthals Communications are proud partners of Mitel, working together to deliver high-performance cloud-based telephony systems to our clients.

While Kane Communications were not involved in this project, we were pleased to see that the systems we supply are being used on such a large scale. We have every confidence in the products we provide and the fact that Tottenham Hotspur has named Mitel their Official Communications Partner only strengthens our belief in the products we offer.

Kane Communications are one of South Wales’ leading independent telecoms consultants delivering cost-effective and high-performance telecoms to South Wales and the rest of the UK and Ireland.

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