MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update

MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update

Why does my Mitel phone say “License Violation”?

If you are seeing this message in 2020 and you are on a MiVoice Business system, this likely means that your security certificate has expired, or will expire soon. You may also see this warning in other places, including the MiVoice Business Maintenance Log, Sys Admin Tool/System Administration Tool, Group Administration Tool, and other system touchpoints.
If you are seeing this message, contact Kane to discuss a patch or release upgrade.

MiVoice Business is a communication platform from Mitel that delivers voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and applications for business.

MiVoice Business provides a fully integrated Unified Communications suite to businesses with 5 to 130,000 users whether they are at a single site or a multisite network across the world.

One of the key benefits of using MiVoice Business is that it provides a secure and maintained communications platform. As such, Mitel is constantly working to remove security vulnerabilities and ensure that the system they deliver remains protected from new threats.

As a result, Mitel regularly issues security patches to keep MiVoice Business systems up-to-date. Failure to install these security updates may lead to a restricted service.

The chances are, if you are seeing a “License Violation” error on your system, then your security certificate has expired and your system needs updating.

MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update – August 2020

Mitel has recently made a security update available for customers using MiVoice Business Release 5.0 through to Release 9.0 SP2 that will refresh a security certificate that is due to expire in August 2020. If this update is not applied, MiVoice Business systems will enter licence violation after the 21st August 2020 – and eventually, lock-down and stop working.

To ensure the consistency of your communications,  action must be taken to update your MiVoice Business Security Certificate. The way in which you will do this depends on the software version you are using:

  • If using MiVoice Business Release 9.0, you must install the most recent service pack.
  • If using Release 5.0 to Release 8.0 then you will need to install a Security Certificate Update.

Contact your Mitel Reseller to schedule your patch or release upgrade or, if you are no longer working with a Mitel Partner, then please feel free to contact Kane Communications. We supply and support a range of different communications platforms to a variety of different businesses and can help Mitel users to ensure that their communications system stays up and running.

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