Top 6 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup as-a-Service

Top 6 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup as-a-Service

In a world where we are collecting more and more data each day, it is essential for any business that its data is fully backed up. However, it’s not only important that it is backed up but that it is backed up efficiently, to reduce the time it takes to store and access your data, and securely too.

Data backup is integral to the continuity of modern businesses and it’s essential that all businesses consider availability, data protection and regulatory compliance. In the modern age of data, legacy approaches to data backup won’t be up to the task of providing secure and efficient data storage.

Despite data backup being extremely important, it is often an area that gets overlooked. Data backup is not usually an area where a business wants or expects to invest a lot of money into, let alone increase their investment to keep up with data growth, maintenance, management and equipment upgrades.

Making Cloud Backup More Accessible

Not so long ago, smaller companies simply did not have the resources to back up their data efficiently and relied on primitive technology to keep their data secure. With the introduction of cloud storage, more efficient ways of storing data were born and, after years of fast-paced developments, cloud backup as-a-service became available. This provides a secure and efficient solution for companies of all sizes. Small companies are now able to take advantage of reliable, cost-effective data storage. Even larger companies are starting to realise the benefits of cloud backup as-a-service and are taking advantage of such reliable systems.

Like most as-a-service markets, cloud-backup-as-a-service is, unsurprisingly,  growing steadily. No matter the size of your company now is the time to embrace the power of the cloud and make sure your data is safe and secure for years to come.

6 Reasons to Move to Cloud Backup as-a-Service

Maximise your IT resources
Many companies have limited IT resources. Why spend your limited resources on data backup when they could be better spent in other areas like digital-transformation? With a good cloud solution, you can easily move your backups off-site while maintaining complete visibility and control, end-to-end encryption and quick access to your backups, whenever and wherever you need them.
Reduce total cost of ownership
Equipment, personnel, maintenance, upgrades and repairs for in-house data backup all require upfront capital expenditure. With cloud backup as-a-service,  you only pay for what you need, when you need it. Its elasticity means it can be scaled up or down as required and most providers will guarantee access speeds, taking away upgrade costs.
Move to an Opex purchasing model
Operating Expenditure (Opex) is favoured by most business leaders. It gives organisations more flexibility, requires less upfront investment, is easier to manage and is much easier to plan and budget for.
Easily achieve best practices
To achieve best practise in the world of backup the 3-2-1 rule is generally applied: maintain at least 3 copies of your data, store data on at least 2 different types of storage media, keep 1 copy of the backups in an off-site location. This is made easy with a cloud backup solution. With cloud backup as-a-service, backups are easily stored on your individual machines and in several, secure offsite locations.
Leverage the knowledge and experience of a service provider
Cloud storage service providers have dedicated all of their expertise and resources into providing ongoing reliable, efficient and secure hosting platforms. If anyone is geared up to look after your valuable data, they are. Their experience also means they are able to advise on the type of solution you need. Whether you need added capabilities for disaster recovery, additional security features or replication services; they can deploy a strategy tailored to your particular needs.
Simplify and accelerate disaster recovery
Moving to a cloud backup solution will immediately improve your ability to respond to a disaster. You will have easily achieved best practices in backup, which means you will have all your business-critical data in an off-site location. What’s more, because it’s “in the cloud” you can access it quickly and conveniently from anywhere.

Cloud services can provide added value to any business. They are getting more powerful and more cost-effective every single day helping businesses all over the world to operate more efficiently and securely.

Kane Communications Can Help

Kane has worked with a range of different suppliers to provide cloud backup services to a variety of different businesses. We pride ourselves on getting to know the individual needs of each and every business to ensure that we advise and deliver the best possible solution to help organisations make the most of cloud backup as-a-service, improve their customer experience and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

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