Using Collaboration Tools to Foster a Positive Culture

Using Collaboration Tools to Foster a Positive Culture

Experts say that positive company culture is vital for reaching high levels of productivity and achieving successful business outcomes. However, as the workplace transforms, it is becoming a bigger challenge to build an engaging work environment.

We all know that jobs are no longer nine-to-five and roles aren’t limited by location anymore. More and more of us work remotely, especially during the current situation that is a global pandemic.

The question is: how can small and medium-sized business owners create a positive company culture with fewer resources than big organisations?

Well, part of the answer lies in cloud-based technologies. Hosted telephony systems foster collaboration, productivity and a positive work environment; mobile communications and collaborative workspaces bring your team together, regardless of where they are all working.


The remote working trend has grown massively over the last 10 years and even more so within the last few months alone. Add this to contracts and gig workers and you have a very fluid workforce. Consider every member of staff that works remotely, in the field, has flexible working hours or is hired in on a contractual basis, then you’ve got a team that is all over the place and pulling your team together is like herding cats.

Today, we see flexibility as an essential part of positive organisational culture. Giving employees flexibility in how and when they can work can lead to increased retention and productivity and opens up a wider pool of talent. Cloud-based flexible working can also provide companies with significant cost savings. You don’t need as much office space for everyone and you will save money on hardware and software upgrades – this is all taken care of by the vendor.


Here are some tips on how to foster a collaborative culture and increase productivity and engagement:

Provide effective collaboration technology
A hosted-telephony system enables team members to easily communicate and share essential information that can be accessed from anywhere. They can easily schedule and initiate audio and video calls and share their screen so everyone involved has a good understanding of what is going on.
Make time for face-to-face conversations
It’s good to remember that, even though employees like working remotely, face-to-face interaction is important. Daily or weekly video calls, one-on-ones and off-site team meetings help to maintain productivity and keep communication channels open.
Cut down on meeting time
We all know that meetings can be a waste of time. By using a central shared platform on the cloud, team members can track progress, assign tasks, communicate asynchronously through email and instant messaging, initiate calls and share documents all from a single application no matter where they are or what device they are using.
Lead by example
To create a collaborative environment that encourages the best from all your workers, model the open, supportive behaviour you want to see in your team. Be open to different ideas and suggestions and make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

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We understand that no two businesses are the same and use our knowledge and experience to deliver secure and reliable phone systems to help you provide your customers with an experience that is second to none.

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