What is UCaaS?

Unified Communication as a Service

If you run an organisation or business you have probably already come across the term UCaaS, but perhaps you’re not entirely sure what it means or if it could provide value to your business.

UCaaS simply stands for Unified Communications as a Service. Ultimately, UCaaS is just the same as just UC (Unified Communications). They both offer similar features such as voice, telephony, video, real-time messaging and presence, the only real difference is that the “as a service” part means that the system is hosted by your provider and doesn’t require you to have your own infrastructure.

While the concept of unified communications has been around for a while, the “as a service” model makes it more accessible. It gives companies of any size the option to employ a powerful communication platform that aids collaboration, provides a unified experience and supports remote working as well as providing more data and analysis capabilities, all at an affordable price.

No matter how big your team is, UCaaS is an affordable and scalable solution. Adding new users can be done at the click of a button and they can just as easily be removed if you decide to downsize. Likewise, additional features can just as easily be added as they are required.

UCaaS Features

By using UCaaS your company can benefit from a range of features, including:

Video and Meeting Solutions
A good unified communications platform brings video and meeting solutions to your business that make it easier to collaborate with employees from wherever you are. In the age of remote working, UCaaS means your team members don’t need to be in the same room to work together on projects anymore. With video and collaboration tools employees can share files, host conversations and launch presentations from their desktop, smartphone or tablet.
Instant messaging is another communication platform that is becoming more popular in a corporate environment. It not only gives employees the opportunity to stay connected more efficiently but provides an excellent way to reach out to customers. UCaaS can give you a way to manage and organise your messaging strategy and offer a more omnichannel service experience.
Presence features show information about what an individual is doing. It gives insight into who is available for you to talk to and who is already on a call or out for lunch making it much easier for employees to access the support they need when they are dealing with complex projects or clients.
Mobility and Apps
Even if your workforce doesn’t work remotely, there is a chance that you will have field workers that rely on the same resources as your on-premises employees. With a reliable UCaaS solution, you can ensure that your teams can tap into the tools they need through their tablets or smartphones; all they need is a connection to the Internet.

Choosing the Right UCaaS Provider

With the increasing popularity of remote working and the advances in communications technology, UCaaS is becoming more and more desirable for companies of all sizes; from small two-person operations to very large outfits with thousands of employees. As such, the marketplace has become flooded with providers offering varying levels of service. Ensuring that you subscribe to the best package for your business is essential in establishing a communication strategy that transforms your business into a well-oiled, collaborative workspace.

Kane has worked with a range of different suppliers to provide successful communications packages for a variety of different businesses. We pride ourselves on getting to know the individual needs of each and every business to ensure that we advise and deliver the best possible communications solution to help organisations fine-tune their communication practices, improve their customer experience and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

If you would like to learn more about the UCaaS services that are available and how you can use them to your advantage, please feel free to get in touch on 02921 111202 or sales@porthlas.com.