Why is UCaaS So Popular?

Why is UCaaS So Popular?

As technology and connectivity advance, Unified Communication systems are becoming increasingly popular. Many organisations are starting to adopt these systems to help them stay ahead of their competition and provide an all-round, better experience for their customers.

Unified communications systems have been around for some time now, so why are so many organisations so late to the party? Well, the simple answer is, with unified communications now available on an “as-a-service” platform, it is more accessible, more available and more cost-effective.

Why is UCaaS So Popular?

To fully understand why UCaaS is so popular, we must first consider the benefits it has over traditional Unified Communications (UC) systems. Before the “as-a-service” model was introduced, unified communications and collaboration deployments were all on-premises. Building a complete UC stack was a time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming process.

A truly unified communications system requires investment in networking infrastructure, CRM tools, expert management, upgrade costs and much more. With the rate technology develops, new features and hardware become available, it seems, every day, requiring frequent hardware upgrades to get access to the latest features. This meant that UC was reserved for the larger organisations with the space and resources to deploy such a system.

The Introduction of “As-a-Service”

Now UC is available “as-a-service”, the associated costs have reduced massively. UC no longer has to be an on-premises solution, and as a result, the cost and resource requirements previously associated with UC have been all but eliminated. All an organisation needs now is a service subscription and a connection to the Internet and they can have all the benefits of UC at their fingertips. Furthermore, as UCaaS is a hosted solution, your provider will maintain all of the hardware involved and carry out upgrades and updates when they become available, so new features become available quicker and without upgrading your own equipment.

UCaaS means that now, all companies, regardless of size or budget, can benefit from the whole host of features that are available with a unified communications system. By offering businesses a simple and fully-hosted solution for their communications, UCaaS providers can help them stay ahead of the latest trends and keep up with their competitors.

Not Just for Smaller Companies

Early adopters of UCaaS technologies tended to be the smaller companies who had very little invested in their communications platforms. It gave them an opportunity to access the same tools and features as some of the bigger players, without the inflated costs. However, organisations of all sizes are now beginning to recognise the value of hosted solutions and are shutting down their in-house solutions in favour of UCaaS.

The Rise of UCaaS

The UCaaS market continues to see sustained growth and we expect it to carry on growing for the foreseeable future. As remote and mobile working, the demand for collaboration in the workplace and the need for enhanced user and customer experiences continue to gain traction, more and more companies are likely to adopt a UCaaS system.

UCaaS places simple and adaptive communications tools into the hands of any business. By putting your communication infrastructure into a cloud-based platform, you can create a communications system that is as flexible as you need it to be.

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