Why Network Performance is Vital for Profit

Why Network Performance is Vital for Profit

Once upon a time, our networks were just used for browsing the Internet, sending and receiving emails and the odd office application. We didn’t rely on them as heavily as we do today, and downtime was just an inconvenience. However, the modern office relies more on the Internet for its everyday operation and with this, network performance becomes a critical part of its operation.

Today, businesses rely on live video conferencing, voice calling, video streaming, huge uploads and downloads from the Internet, cloud-based software and other, network-dependent, tools and services. Without these services, they would be left unable to communicate, unable to sell and unable to generate revenue. Without good network performance, present-day businesses could simply not operate effectively.

Whether it negatively affects your customer’s experience or stops a sale from taking place, every dropped call or network outage is a cost to the business. Therefore, it is essential to do everything you can to maximise network performance.

5 “Best Practices” to Help Avoid Costly Downtime

Monitor for Insight
What seems like a voice quality issue may, in fact, be a failing or misconfigured router or switch. Knowing where the problem is means you can
proactively prevent a voice quality issue that leads to poor customer experience.
Test regularly for faster problem resolution
A poorly performing device can be difficult to detect and chasing the cause takes time and valuable resources. By proactively testing your network with synthetic calls, you can detect a problem before it impacts users in the field. When a problem does occur, a system that allows you to test directly from the dashboard will help you find a quick resolution.
Use monitoring systems designed for business communications
Using a network management system that specialises in unified communication means that you can gain valuable insight into how events on your network impact voice calls.
Make use of analytics
Usage reporting can tell you in advance when you need to expand your network or add new licenses to maintain the best performance. Alarm analytics can inform you of the most important issues on your network faster, so you can plan effectively and make more informed decisions.
Software updates
Software Assurance is a cost-effective way to make sure the latest updates are deployed and protect you against an ageing infrastructure, security vulnerabilities and interoperability problems.

Reliable unified communication network performance helps you to deliver a smooth user experience with less downtime. Ensuring that your service includes performance analytics, proactive monitoring tools and a Software Assurance subscription can help you to manage your network, keep secure and stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

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