Why You Don’t Need to Worry About Moving to SIP

Why You Don't Need to Worry About Moving to SIP

Firstly, let’s clarify what we mean by SIP. SIP (also known as SIP trunking) stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a signalling protocol used for initiating, maintaining and terminating real-time sessions that include voice, video and messaging applications. Basically, if you use any form of Internet telephony, SIP is the protocol that allows it to connect.

When you are looking to invest in new technology for your business, there are always plenty of concerns that you’ll feel you need to address before making your final decision. This is no different when considering a move to SIP-based technology. There are a few common concerns that people have with regards to SIP. However, these concerns are mostly unfounded and are nothing more than distortions of the facts.

Here, we will take a look at some of those concerns and try to help you understand why you don’t need to worry about moving to SIP.

Top 5 Concerns About SIP

Poor call quality
Top of the list is poor call quality. For many people, their first and only experience of VoIP is using free, consumer-focused services such as Skype. Although more than suitable for home users, these services are not perfect and usually don’t cut the mustard when it comes to business use. They simply can’t stand up to the task and businesses cannot afford to suffer the poor latency, jitter and packet loss that comes with a system that is not fit for purpose.
However, appropriate business-grade SIP trunks provide a call service that is comparable to the ISDN lines used by most business phone systems. What’s more, you will benefit from a range of features that are available and will be supported by a dedicated support team.
SIP is too expensive
Many assume that new technology demands premium prices.
In actual fact, this is not the case with SIP technology. Moving to a SIP trunking solution can actually help make significant cost savings. With SIP you no longer need expensive ISDN lines, calls can be cheaper or even free and it can be easily up or downscaled to suit demand.
SIP is too new to be reliable
Often, when people come across something they are not familiar with they assume that it is a new technology that hasn’t been around long enough to prove itself. Unfortunately, many adopt this belief about SIP technology. In actual fact, VoIP has been supporting some of the worlds biggest businesses for years now and is even considered to be the most important telephony system by more than 35% of companies.
Switching is too much hassle
Historically, replacing any system with an updated or newer version has been time and resource-intensive. There are usually also concerns about whether the time taken to realise any cost savings will be worth the effort of switching. Many wrongly assume that this will be the same with switching to SIP.
On the contrary, switching to an SIP system couldn’t be easier. No new lines are required, no new PBX hardware is required and it is scalable. It can even run alongside your existing communication setup, avoiding any downtime until you are ready to switch over completely.
Existing providers don’t recommend SIP
Naturally, if SIP trunking solutions aren’t something that your existing telecoms provider offers, then they will do what they can to put you off and retain your business. After all, they are likely to have invested heavily in their infrastructure so you moving away from them could cost more than your custom so you can hardly blame them. Remember, an SIP trunking solution can save you money and provide better value, so consider whether your existing telecoms company really has your best interest at heart.

There you have it, the five most common concerns about SIP and why you don’t need to worry about switching over.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of some of the benefits of SIP trunking technology and would like to know how it can benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch on 02921 111202 or sales@porthlas.com.

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